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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ryan and I got Fragale'd

Every time that Ryan and I go out with Joe Fragale,.. we end up out until the sun comes up and always crashed out on Ryan's lawn. This is going to have to be our Christmas card next year. Misty Ryan and Titus laying in the piss filled fake grass at 8AM.. howww cuuteee! This weekend was out of control and I ended up so sick that I couldn't make it to work on Monday =( I plan to give myself a very long "Come to Jesus" talk tonight.


PipeWurk said...

at least there wasnt any brown mess out there..gotta love Fragale and his persistent ways

Misty Michelle said...

Ha Ha.. Freaking Fragale! Can't wait for the 4th! We're gunna have a blast!

PipeWurk said...


ryan sabs said...

Fistpumping at 8am.....only happens with Fragal

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