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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas
This year for Christmas My AMAZING friend Brian helped me give my parents such a great gift. He did a phototshoot of me and my sisters and I framed and wrapped the pictures for them.  Go check out his website.. he is so incredibly talented! http://www.brianthomasclay.com/
Here are some of the pictures:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vision Board Friday
Are you blushing.. or are you're Louboutins just happy to see me?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Borrowed Words to Brighten Your Day..
"If you live to be one hundred years old, I hope to only live to be one hundred minus one day. That way, I will never have to live without you." ~Winnie the Pooh

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Seuss

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Self-Esteem Quiz
Confidence is a highly coveted trait. It is something that in my mind has to be practiced, and acquired through maturity, and self-awareness. We make our biggest faux-paus when we are running low on confidence, and subsequently can end up hurt the people around us. Not only is confidence important to living a healthy life but it is also one of the most attractive quality's someone can posses. When thinking back to the "popular" kids in high school, most of them really had nothing going for them except for their unexplained source of confidence. And for some reason, since they were so sure of themselves, so were the rest of us! I found a quiz on Dr. Phil's website that lets you gauge your esteem.
Ask yourselves the following questions:
1. Is your self-esteem based on what others think of you?
2. Do you do things to make other people happy, even if it makes you feel bad?
3. Do you have a hard time being happy for others when they succeed?
4. Do you call yourself names like "stupid" or "dummy" when you make mistakes — or sometimes even when you don't?
5. Do you have a hard time taking risks?

Scoring: If you answered yes to any of these questions, your self-concept or self-esteem may be distorted. If you answered yes to three or more, then you are not living authentically.

I think if we are being honest with ourselves we have all met one of these criteria at one point in our lives. As we should - we are humans and this is a tough subject. Here are some tips that I use to develop more confidence and continue to grow:
1. Set goals - Accomplishing goals - even little ones - makes you feel good about yourself
2. Girl Friends - They are a MUST! The most confident girls have strong, happy woman in their lives. They will be your strength when you are weak, tell you your beautiful when you need to hear it, and most importantly they will talk crap on anyone who is making you feel less than perfect.
3. Healthy Relationships - If you are in a relationship that is making you feel insecure - Get Out!
4. Buy yourself something pretty - Don't go too crazy because an empty bank account will just add stress but splurge on yourself every now and then.

Go confidently into the direction that you were meant for, appreciating all the stops along the way.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Last night I was suppose to go out for a friends birthday. I feel bad for not going but My day started at 7am and I didn't even walk into my house until 10PM. The last thing I wanted to do was get all dolled up be social. Instead, I curled up on the couch with my roomie and watched the Notebook. I found it interesting how all the different times I had seen that movie, it has brought to the surface different emotions. The first time I watched it, I was utterly depressed. It ruined my entire week. Why? Because I was in a miserable relationship and watching Allie and Noah just put a spotlight on how unhappy I was. The second time I watched it, I was single, a bottle of wine deep, with mascara running down my face - Not pretty. Isn't it funny how other people's happiness can make us so miserable? So here I am today, completely in love, and happy. And what do you know? last night, Noah and Allie, simply made me smile. Thanks Ry! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Need Some Fun Ideas!!
So Ryan and I are planning a huge Christmas party for all of our friends and I need some fun party ideas! All I came up with is Duck Duck Goose, and Red Rover. Unfortunately, after saying Red Rover out loud I pictured myself being pummeled to the ground every time since I have the weakest arms. So now.. I look to you my blogger friends!! The success of this party is in your proverbial hands :)

I need some fun drinking games, cute invitation ideas, and anything else that your amazing brains can come up with!!

Hope everyone is Fabulous! XO

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When He's Ready to Cheat....
I am not a big magazine reader. When I rarely do buy a magazine, I start at the back and flip through looking at each picture and mentally file away future outfit ideas. Well, on my last flight I had 6 hours with a Cosmo, and read it cover to cover. The article that stuck out the most was titled "When He's Ready to Cheat". It said that every man is tempted to cheat almost daily, and it gave you tips on how to prevent your significant other from doing so.  It went on to say that when your man meets an attractive new girl that his testosterone levels rise. This could be a new co-worker, friend, one of your friends *gulp, or some one he meets in passing. The advise was to raise his levels yourself on a continual basis so that when these other women come around he associates that positive feeling with you not them. The tips were pretty basic: Lingerie, Cooking Dinner, Gifts, Surprises, Etc.
Okay here is my problem.. This stressed me the F out! So you're telling me every time a guy sees a hot woman their testosterone levels are raised? Um... They are everywhere! So how in the heck does one counter act this? Walk around daily in La Perla Lingerie, while cooking, cleaning, and complimenting their mans every move? Eff It... Go cheat.. I'm too tired for all that.
The other articles were equally as stressful. There were testimonials from girls who's BF's left them for their best friends, his girlfriends, etc. Not only did they have these endless depressing stories but the magazine provided ways for us WOMAN to prevent these scenarios. Maybe it's just me but ladies..  You do not need to change yourself to "Keep his attention" I promise you, a confident, non-affected by petty insecuritys, strong woman will breed the healthiest, happiest relationships.... Nuff Said.
Last week I was in Orlando, Florida for a work conference. It just so happened that one of my best friends lives in Tampa so I got to spend the weekend with her too. I haven't seen her in 2 years and missed her like crazy. Let me just recap our night out... We hitchhiked to a club, talked a firetruck into taking us for a ride for $5.00, met a "healer", made a mountain of tomatoes, danced all night, ate everything on the Burger King Menu in 3.2 seconds, spilled 3 sodas in the back of a cab, and got bit by their dog. Here are some weekend Pics:

Truly great friends are HARD to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why do cars hate me?
So my first day back from vacation.. I expected to be a little bit rocky but holy tamole!! I woke up (after ~3 hours of sleep), got ready, and hopped in my car to go to work. I put my key in the ignition and... NOTHING. Being the amazing boyfriend that Ryan is, he offered to take me to work and take care of my car. He said I had ONE JOB, and that was to call a place that does mobile battery service and send them to his house. As you can probably imagine the first day back from a 8 day vacation is pure and utter insanity. I had meetings lined up from 8-4. Every free second I had, I ran to my computer to try and google a battery place... after 10 phone calls, and 10 outrageously over priced estimates.. I called Ryan. I don't know what it is about repair shops, If you are a woman, you are getting raped on the price. I found a website that is amazing ladies!! You can enter your car make and model, and the service you want and it gives you an actual estimate of what it should cost and gives you locations near you!!The website is http://repairpal.com/
Next time that stupid, daunting check engine light comes on... It will be as easy as: http://repairpal.com/check-engine-light BOOM! :)
Check it our for yourselves... Chicago auto repair http://repairpal.com/chicago-auto-repair
Toyota Camry http://repairpal.com/toyota-camry-2002
Let me know what you guys think!! :) XO

Christmas Shopping Already!!
I am curious how many people braved the mall this morning. I know many places opened up at 3AM (Insanity). I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping but I get out of bed at 3AM for NO ONE and NOTHING! I have been doing some virtual shopping while the rest of the world is trampling over each other for a shirt that's $4.00 at Kohls.
Found a fun new site for Xmas Shopping with great deals:
By the way... I just made my list of people that I want to shop for an *sigh... I need to win the lottery!!!!

www.become.com is a great site to get a ton of holiday shopping done quickly!! Let me know if you find it useful!! Shop Away my friends :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...
I have one particular trait that is found- depending on who you ask, aggravating, egotistical, and/or hilarious.
I always find myself staring at... well.. myself. I think a majority of the population looks at themselves predominantly in a mirror. I assume the thing that takes this "habit" of mine to the next level is that a mirror is just ONE very small tool used for gazing into my own eyes. Dirty car windows, shiny buildings, someone Else's glasses, margarita glasses, reflection in a picture frame, black computer screen.. ooh the possibilities are truly endless. No matter where I am .. I will find myself.
In Junior High, there was a particular moment that I will never ever live down. I have always been "too social", on almost every report card I was marked down for "excessive talking". I  came out of the womb talking to anyone who would listen.. Or anyone who wasn't listening but didn't seem too annoyed. I am not sure if it was the same for anyone else but at my Jr. high you got your seat moved for talking. Originally I was sitting by my friend - bad idea - I got moved. Then I made friends with my new neighbor - I got moved. I was put in the back my someone I had nothing on common with - I made friends - I got moved.  By now, my teacher had called my parents and told them that If I had to be moved one more time, It would result in detention. Now I am sitting in the far back corner, next to a wall and next to really no one. Did I talk to anyone? No.. Did I get moved? Yes.
Teacher: "Hello Shelly (my mom).. Unfortunately Misty had to have her seat moved again.
Mom: "What?! Why?? Was she still talking to her neighbor? We had a long talk with her about this?
Teacher: "No, She was staring at herself through out the entire class in the shiny metal pencil sharpener, and I had to move her away from it."
Yeah.. Some things never change!
Happy Turkey Day Everyone

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear Santa.. You are a money grubbing W*oRe
So here we are... 2 paychecks away from the most expensive time of the year.. Christmas. Normally Christmas alone stresses me out; However, this year... I am also in a wedding in Puerto Rico that is going to cost a pretty penny shortly after. I now clearly understand why my parents were always so stressed around the holidays. I miss being a kid and just being excited for Xmas. My parents were split up and remarried when I was young so I had about 5 houses to hit in one day. To fit everything in, Christmas started at my Moms at 5am. We woke up, hopped in the car and drove over the Ortega mountain to my Grandma's house. We would always stop at the look-out point and watch the sunrise, then make our way down the mountain.  When we got to my Grandmas she would cook a huge breakfast for the whole family. I knew that we couldn't open presents until EVERY one had eaten so I took on the job of dishes/serving/cooking/cleaning.. anything to help the process along. As soon as someone would slow down on their eating I would interject "Are you done? Want me to take your plate?" All I could think about was the mounds of presents on the floor with my name on it. I was a spoiled little girl to say the least and just wanted Breakfast to be over so presents could commence. Cut to today - I would give anything just to have that big breakfast with my family and would cherish every second.
"Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas." ~Calvin Coolidge

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Bees Knees!!
This trip was filled with moments of pain, perfection, lots of laughs and pure relaxation. We flew in the middle of the night so obviously slept the whole way there. Has anyone ever been flying and been unable to pop their ears? - WOW, hello worst pain in the world. This happened to me and I had an echo in my head, and an indescribable pain in my ear for 2 days after we landed. We arrived in Punta Cana, being serenaded by a mariachi band, and swarmed by people trying to carry our bags, or give us a ride for money. It was a bit overwhelming clutching our belongings making our way through the crowd until we found our driver. The ride to the hotel was crazy. The poverty in DR was unreal. When we checked into our hotel, our room was a tad bit disappointing. I was deaf in one ear, exhausted, and trying to be chipper but secretly wanting to cry from the pain. I hopped into the shower which flooded the entire bathroom, and noticed that one of the lights in the ceiling was leaking.  -Light, leaking,.. can't be good. Fortunately for me, that was what prompted Ryan to upgrade us to the honeymoon suite. This room was amazing. We had a Jacuzzi, 2 balcony's, living room, dining room, 2 bathrooms, and we were ON the beach. Once we put our bags down in our new room... we had arrived! Pure Bliss!

We woke up each morning and had breakfast on the beach, then found a spot to lay out for the afternoon. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort so we basically drank and ate the ENTIRE day. Here are some fun beach pics:

I thought I was pretty amazing at Sand Art until Ryan put me to shame with this...


The nights where Ryan coaxed me into tequila shots with dinner.. we ended up at the Disco Tech all night. One night we were pretty much the only people there begging the DJ to play Lil Wayne, dancing like fools.

I am like a fat kid trapped in a skinny girls body so food is important to me. The first couple days the food was making me sick, and I was starting to think the only way to feel better was to not eat. Then we found Portafino! This is the Italian restaurant, and it was so yummy. We ate here almost every single night.

And finally, our trip back home was long but we were both kind of anxious to get back to friends/work/reality. I would definitely recommend Punta Cana as a travel destination. I can't believe that Ryan and I spent 8 days together... and I mean completely together- No phones, just "US" time- and didn't get sick of each other. I even stayed at my own place last night and missed him!! I am a lucky girl, and feel so refreshed after this vacation.

Stephanie was also in Punta Cana.. and you gotta read about her near death experience!! Happy Thursday Everyone!! XO :-)