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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pushed from Perfection
I don't understand why we as men and women do this but it seems that at one point or another we all are guilty. I am talking about being in a relationship, and even though everything is perfect,  you push for more.. more time, more commitment, more, more, more! My dear friend was telling me today that he wants more in his relationship and I had to strongly caution a retreat from this mentality. We never are happy are we? We all know that once we muscle the surrender of our partner, we will think they are too clingy and miss our freedom. My single friends tell me that they desperately miss having someone to share life with.  My married friends always seem to be flirting with temptation and envying the dating/free lifestyle. There are very few people/couples who are able to enjoy life just as it is. I think, If you love being around someone, and they make you happy, let everything happen in its own timing. At the end of each yoga practice, my teacher says that every moment of our lives have led us to the perfect place that we are in that very second. What an amazing concept. I am going to try and think of every moment that I am in, as the perfect place my life has led me to. Progression of life and relationships should be something celebrated and not stressed over. 
Be Happy, Be Positive, and Be the Very Best Version of Yourself!


mshort said...

My yoga teacher used to say something like that too! They are so smart =)

Misty Michelle said...

Thank God for Yoga teachers!!! :) Ha Ha

Meg said...

So rightly said. I think its dissatisfaction is normal human behavior. One needs to know where to draw a line when this dissatisfaction starts getting over all happiness.

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Ams said...

First off - thank you so much for stopping in on my blog and for your absolute kindness!! That person has been posting awful things on my blog for almost 2 months. Another lady and I have figured out that it is the same person that has been impersonating and harassing her for close to a year. She has even reported it to the police... So sad...

Secondly - THIS POST IS SO ACCURATE!! It's like we always want what we can't have right!? Ugh. Life is too much sometimes!!

Thirdly - I'm your newest follower :)

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