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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Big Hole in the Ground!

Ry's Brother Eric came into town this weekend with his girl Alisha and their baby Cayden. We all went to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Unfortunately, it was a holiday weekend so the traffic was insane and it was a little too much time in the car for my liking. The Grand Canyon is amazing but I still think Sedona is way more beautiful. Ryan's family is awesome, and their baby is seriously the cutest little guy in the world! Alisha and Eric are amazing parents and spending time with all of them made me realize how much I needed to grow up. I am infinitely amazed by how selfless parents are... especially these two. Give me a baby for an hour and I will have that kid smiling and I will give it my 100% attention the entire time...............
But give me a kid for a day and phew.. I am exhausted! Eric and Alisha give that baby 100% 24 hours a day 7 days a week.. and it makes me tired to even watch. I hope that when God decides it's time for me to be a mommy that I have the patience and selflessness that these two have! Traffic aside, I am glad that I went to the Grand Canyon, and that I went with such great people. P.S... THANK GOD it is a short work week because if I don't get some mojito/pool time I might die.. Literally!


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