Enter as a Stranger.. Leave as a Friend

Friday, April 1, 2011

Life is a Beach and I'm just Playin in the Sand....
There are very few couples that I admire and think truly compliment each other. This weekend I got to watch my friends Dan and Dee get married. They are really made for each other, and the entire week was a blast. We arrived in Puerto Rico on Friday morning and hit the beach right away. There was about 150 people there for the wedding so it was amazing being so far from home and running into old friends everywhere you turn!

Picture Recap Time!!!......Me and My Bestest Claudia!

How did I get such a hot boyfriend??? :)

Me and My long lost Friend PattyRickkkkk!!!

 All the Brides Maids and Bride

 We ventured out for lunch one day to this slightly sketchy area of Puerto Rico. There were wild dogs, and trash everywhere. The locals pulled up in run down cars, and no teeth.

 Basically they fried everything, hot dogs, mashed potatoes, cheese, YOU NAME IT! It tasted pretty good but made us feel like death for the rest of the day. Ryan and I went to Ruth's Chris Steak House that night for dinner and then everything was all better :)

 This was probably our favorite part of the trip.. On the last day Ryan and I went to Old San Juan. The city was so awesome. It was all cobble stoned streets, and little allys. We toured the Cristobal castle, and then had an amazing dinner. Perfect ending to the perfect trip.

 Being surrounded by so many amazing people on vacation made for one of my all time favorite trips. To anyone thinking of visiting Puerto Rico.. GO! :)