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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Happy Girl!
I love my life so much. Today's renewed love is largely due to the fact that I spent the last weekend posted up at the Beautiful Royal Palms.. and Friday I am heading to San Diego with my Ry and our friends.. Then back to AZ for 3 more days off work to lounge by the pool with my girls. If you would have told Me - 2006, what my life would be like I would have never believed you. I probably would have been so appalled by my free spirited ways that I would have gone straight to church and repented for my future lifestyle... Ha Ha. But seriously, ever since I moved to Arizona I have felt like I have been on vacation. This was my retreat when things got bad in So Cal.. so it is my happy place. When I moved to AZ, I left my entire life & being in CA, and moved into a tiny apartment with hardly any furniture but I LOVED IT because it was mine, and it meant freedom. Since living here I have experienced, Traveling (Aruba, Hawaii, Spain, Vegas, LA, Chicago), FUN, Deep Routed Friendship, Love, Excitement, Going back to school, and closer relationships with my family. People always said that I would change a lot in my 20's but HOLY CRAP! If you sat Misty - 20 next to Misty-24, they would literally not recognize each other. Get ready for Misty -25 Cuz, I'm like wine.. better with age.. Or something that get's you drunk.. one of the two.. ha ha ;) 


Ams said...

Love this post... and OMG if you would have looked at me 10 years ago and the beginning of my 20's to now at 29.... complete 180 to who I was. But in a good kinda way :)
S really wants to buy a place in Arizona one day... now you have me REALLY wanting that day to hurry up and get here!

Misty Michelle said...

Thanks! =) I <3 Arizona!! It's a little hot for my liking right now but still so fun!

Happy Wednesday Lovey!


Ms. Emily Ann said...

Cute post! And I couldn't agree more, Arizona is fantastic :) Some days, I would just look at the mountains and sunshine and palm trees, and had to remind myself that I wasn't on vacation, but that, that is where I lived. Have fun in SD.. it's awesome on the 4th!

Jill said...

I know what you mean! I'm different than I was even just a few years ago, but in a good way. You never know what will change with time.

CMae said...

I'm moving to Scottsdale TOMORROW! Finally getting the heck out of Yuma (I'm not sure Phoenix people even know where that is other than the halfway point to San Diego from Phoenix) Where abouts in AZ are you? Hot zona may be hot, but while the rest of the northern states freeze their rears off, we have great weather in the winter!

nicole said...

wine is better with age ;) love your blog!

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