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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hi, My Name's Disaster.. Nice to Meet you!
I cannot be 100% sure what makes a woman classy, or grown up but I can assure you based on my weekend.. I am none of the above. Friday night, I went out in Old town with some girlfriends (picture). At the end of the night - Being 5 million sheets to the wind, I grabbed a cab. I had the cab driver stop by my car, so I could get my bag and purse out of my car. I get my stuff, stumble back into the cab and bark out orders to drive through Jack in the Box on the way to my apartment. I get to my apartment, and low and behold.. I have LOST MY KEYS. I sat down on my welcome mat, outside my apartment, ate my jack in the box and took a nap. A few hours later, I got in touch with my (ever so forgiving) boyfriend, and cabbed it to his house for shelter! The entire weekend was spent trying to mend the happenings of Friday night. AAA sent out 3 different people to try and break into my car. First guy.. Jimmied the door, and set off the alarm then, called a locksmith. Locksmith showed up, took one look at my car and called a "High Security Locksmith". The High Security locksmith was able to see in the trunk, and verify my keys were not in there.. but not open it..... I am now paying $350 for a new key to my Audi (FML)

What I have learned from this:
A.) My boyfriend is the most patient man in the entire world
B.) I am a hot mess - Minus the hot
C.) No one will EVER be able to break into my car
D.) I have adult ADD
...and Finally.....
E.) You can only "blame it on the a a a a a alcohol" so many times before people stop feeling bad for you.

So here it is Monday.. I have a final presentation and 12 page paper due in 3 hours. None of which is done (and if you know me that's Misty speak for - I have a power point presentation and 2 page paper due). No Car until Thursday (again - Wednesday) ... and my amazing BF has to drive an hour out of the way to pick me up from class tonight... **GGRRRRR


Lil Landy said...

awwwwww.. Poor Misty!!! Honey!! I've been there!!! Hang in there, lessons learned! <3 U

sulagna ™ said...

count your stars for the first point you mentioned :) ANNNDDDall the best for the pending school work :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

haha, sorry about your night - sounds familiar though. Scottsdale does that to people :)

Thanks for your comment! If you haven't tried Bikram, there is a great studio on Miller and Indian School - it's an intense class, but really amazing. I have done Bikram in many different places, and that studio is my favorite!!

Misty Michelle said...

@Emily .. I go to at One yoga in Scottsdale.. its amazing!

I am not brave enough to try Bikram.. TOO HOT!!!! hahahaha

Ams said...

Haha you sound like ME two weekends ago...
I super duper didn't look as though I was a mother of three children. Yah super NOT hot mess!! hahaha

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