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Friday, June 11, 2010

Misty's Pretty Please with Sugar on Top List!

1.) A Puppy
My sweet puppy Clayton died a few months back and my heart is aching for a new puppy. I have dropped subtle hints, begged and, and now I am resorting to blogging about it! Look at this little guy on the right, how could life ever be bad when you come home to that little face. Also, Puppy to be me AND Ryan's Please!

2.) Louboutins

White, Black, Gold, Peep Toe, Patten Leather, Suede.. Any... ALL!! 
My feet would be so fancy in these babies! After all... I need some new shoes to walk my new puppy in right??!!!



Jack said...


Puppies make such good companions, isn't it? We have been having such good companions for the last more than 25 years. They become just like family members and understand your moods better than humans. When one departs it is so heart breaking. Yes, you need good footwear to take puppy out for a walk. Nice one but heel may be a problem whild puppy wants to run.

Take care

ryan sabs said...

Subtle hints huh? You are berry berry sneaaaaky

CMae said...

How did your puppy die? that's very sad.....:( I live in AZ too and Parvo is the leading cause of death down here. I had never heard of it coming from the mid west...

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