Enter as a Stranger.. Leave as a Friend

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orange Mocha Frapuccino!
My morning began perfectly. I woke up next to the boy (and dog) that I love, then I broke down and went to Starbucks. I am trying to save money by cutting out my $6.00 morning coffees. Normally, I get a venti white chocolate mocha, which is always amazing. But whenever I go with Ryan he orders this vanilla frapuccino something or other that I always take one sip of and have instant DRINK ENVY.  
So this time, I tried to order what he does. I look up at this list of frapuccino's and to my dismay.. no vanilla frap. So I spout out.."Can I get a vanilla mocha latte frapuccino, no whip?". The girl looked at me like she was desperately trying not to laugh. She cracked a smile and was like "a hua whata?".  Why is Starbucks so confusing? I told her I was trying to copy my boyfriends order and her questions made me feel less than a coffee supernova so she laughed and made me the most amazing coffee ever! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vegas for the weekend..
Ryan and I went for a one nighter to Vegas over the weekend. Our friend manages house DJ's and one of his clients were playing at the liquid pool party. Scooter and Lavell are AWESOME! I think that my friends have ruined going out for me. I am so spoiled now. We show up, get escorted to the DJ booth, and the entire time have food drinks, anything we want for free. After the pool, we went to dinner at NOVE, the palms. It was DELISH! Ry and I are usually quite the party animals but by the time we had finished dinner we were exhausted. We went to Rain and had over the top VIP treatment, since Troy knew that DJ too, of course. But by around midnight Ry and I Houdini'd and went back to our room. I assume we were hammered based on the following facts: 1.) The completely random 40 pictures we took from the elevator to our hotel room 2.) the message from room service we listened to in the morning saying they had our Cheese burger we ordered and will redeliver if we wake up. 

This trip happened to be my boobs first Vegas debut as well. I felt like a proud mother showing her kids an exciting new world. LOL! Hope everyone else had a good weekend!! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

I am like an onion....
After High School, I decided that I wanted to be a court interpreter for the Deaf. I enrolled in Sign Language classes and began my quest. Once I got the basics, I began attending Deaf Community events at local coffee shops. It was the most amazing thing! You would walk into the coffee shop and it would be PACKED with people, all signing and not saying a word. I would sit down, and sign.. "Hi my name is Misty, I am learning sign language in school, I would love to chat with you" (That was the one phrase I had down pat). The deaf community was so welcoming and I would sit for hours and hours signing with everyone. While I was relishing in my new passion I found that the hardest part about learning a new language is getting practice. So besides attending events, another way I got practice was to sign all the license plate numbers and letters while I commuted back and forth to work (~3 hrs each way). Although there a few awkward moments where I looked like I was throwing up gang signs, all in all it helped! At the time I was obsessing over the deaf community, I was also working at a Christian retail store. This one night a cute girl came into my store with her boyfriend. I saw her sign to him and I stopped dead in my tracks. I made my way over to her and we started talking. She told me her boyfriend was deaf and so she was in the process of learning sign language. THATS IT I THOUGHT!!!! I need a deaf boyfriend.. one slightly more attractive than hers, but nonetheless deaf. I would become an expert signer and be even more accepted and loved in the deaf community. Thankfully for the deaf community after months of pining after him, this phase (as they all do) passed before I found my deaf man in shining armor. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

You know you're in Scottsdale when...
The Girls:
Have Fake Boobs, Blond Hair, Short Dresses, Big Lips, No Personality, Weigh 100 lbs, and smell of warm vanilla. 
The Guys:
Are dressed in an Affliction T and True Religion jeans. Roided out with a slight twitch from the long term effects of cocaine. Make $35K a year as a banker/model/sales associate with a leased BMW.

1.) You spend 90% of your life on Scottsdale Rd. 
2.) You receive more text messages from "Brian Durkee" than you do your closest friends/family.
3.) You have been on thedirty.com
4.) Your weekly schedule consists of:
Monday Zuma, Tuesday Dirty Pretty, Wednesday Junkie, Thursday Jack Rabbit, Friday Revolver, Saturday and Sunday the W Pool.
5.) Your morning web browsing consists of EBYBK.com, Clubparties.com and 944.com to see the pictures you took last night
6.) You know you have "Made it" after your first debut in 944 magazine
7.) You know Chad Landau
8.) You tan at Darque Tan
9.) You work out at LA Fitness, McKellips
10.) You shop at fashion square
11.) You have lived at the Palladium, San Marin or Villagio
12.) You only go to bars where you have the hookup
13.) You are still waiting on "Samurai Cowboy's" grand opening 
14.) You have woken up at least once in Vegas
15.) You tell all your friends once a month you are "over this town"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life Love and the Pursuit of Dresses...

I feel it taking over... Its like a constant nagging on my soul. I try to ignore it, water it down with distractions but I can't shake it! I promised myself that I would practice self control all month, and refrain from any indulging. But here I sit, in my office.. browsing online.. completely engulfed with the undeniable fact...

 I need a new dress.

My rationalization is going to be a such...I opened my new 1.10% interest savings account through ING Orange on Monday and today, made my first hefty deposit. As a reward for my stringent saving... I get to buy a new dress for Vegas this weekend! 

It's like potty training a dog.. they pee out side you give them a treat! I put money in my savings..  I get a treat! :D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Queen Nerd
Last night I had school. I am getting my Bachelors in Information Systems. I use to LOVE school a few months back but now I really hate going! I use to have the absolute funnest people in the world in my classes.. People that became my really good friends. I looked forward to staying at school until 10pm because I got to hang out with my buds. Well.. Now I am in my core classes and guess who I have in my classes now??  I.T NERDS. Don't get me wrong.. I mean this affectionately, as I myself aspire to be one. However, try and understand a night of class for me.... I get to class and my teacher says "oh, eh misty.. can you come up here?" I walk to his desk. "Hey, did you have Matt A as a teacher?". I say.. "yes, why?". He says "oh.. hahaha.. no reason.. he just said you were in his class before" He says and then turns bright red. OK, YES.. I flirted my way out of a final last class with this teacher (Matt A)  but holy crap it felt like 2nd grade. Its as if.. none of these boys (teacher included)  have ever seen a girl before let alone a blond girl with big boobs talking network security. So then its time to pick "learning teams". I got asked to be on 4 different teams. When I had to turn down the second guy, he said.. "Fine.. guess we'll just have to find our own model". Yes.. He called me a MODEL!! You know... I am a pretty girl but NO MODEL. Maybe this is why insecure girls have ugly friends...to make them selves feel sexier. I must say, I have cornered a market here! The problem is ..these are not the people that I enjoy being around. I miss my "marketing" "PR" and "Business" major buddy's. Is this what my career is going to be like? Working with a bunch of guys with pocket protectors, staring at my boobs while I talk? I have really been thinking about switching my major.....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ring Ring.. The Beach is Calling.....
I miss the sand in my toes and the sea breeze!! Ryan has been dropping hints here and there that he wants to move to So Cal. Look.. I love the ocean, but until I can afford to live on the water.. I'm not moving. Case in Point.. my step mom decided to go to the beach on Saturday. She lives in Temecula, CA. She hopped in the car with my brother and a friend and set out on the traffic filled freeway. It took her 2 hours to get to the beach! Please note that they live about 30 miles from the water. Once they got there, there was no parking.  She drive around for an HOUR looking for parking and by the time they parked, they had 20 minutes before they had to come home. When I lived in California, I was not happy. I use to plan weekend trips to Arizona to escape my life and find some freedom. When I moved here, it was like taking a permanent vacation. Arizona has represented escape, freedom and happiness for the past few years. However, now I am finding my little weekend escapes to Laguna, San Diego and LA intoxicating. I love waking up to the ocean and walking to lunch at cute little cafe's. California has two things that Arizona doesn't... The beach and my best friend Claudia! 

P.S....I am on "operation healthy misty" right now. I am trying to take steps in the right direction at securing my financial and physical stability. Todays steps:

1.) Opened an ING Orange Savings account - that I am feeding money into monthly. This should help me with my savings because you can't take money out right away. I am hoping the 2-3 day delay will give me time to talk me out of my impulse shopping.  Thanks for the suggestion Mike!
2.) Cancelled my doubled up next class - I was scheduled to double up on classes next month but I decided with recent events adding more stress to my life was not a good idea.
3.) Vacation Time - I am taking off every Monday starting next week until September. This will give me a chance to do a couple little vacations with Ry and also...more ME time to do "All my personal stuff".. hahahahaa 
4.) More Yoga - I am REALLY going to try and go at least 4 times a week... I even bought some new yoga clothes to motivate me ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! XO!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A stroke at 24!?!?!..

I was in my office working when I suddenly could not make out the words on my computer screen. I had lost my vision and started to feel dizzy and light headed. Then, something SUPER weird happened!.. my left hand started tingling and then went numb. Then the numbness worked its way all the way up my arm. Then after about 5 minutes of numbness in my arm.. my face went numb!.. more specifically my mouth. I tried to pour myself a glass of water thinking it might be dehydration and I missed my glass by like 2 feet. I was completely disoriented. I was panicked and called my Mom. She arrived (from 20 miles away) in about 5 minutes to my office and took me to the hospital. I spent the rest of the day there getting tests done. They did an EKG, Cat Scan, and took about 10 vile's of my blood for Blood work. Following my numbness and loss of brain functionality, I got a migraine. I was sitting on a hospital bed all day, getting poked by scary needles with a migraine! – NOT OK. And the WORST part is the doctors would not give me any medication. I kept telling my mom.. “Look if they insist on this awful IV.. the LEAST they can do is fell it up with some good shit!”. The migraine persisted all day until they finally gave me what they called the “headach cocktail”. It basically took the pain away but mostly, made me care less about it.
Thank god my mom was with me because it was a Long scary day! Although hospitals are a yucky place, they are definitely not dull! The guy next to me was surrounded by cops because he kept trying to escape. The guy next to him was in bed restraints  relaying to the nurse what the voices in his head were telling him. And, the guy next to him … well this is the first thing I heard him say.. “Hi.. um.. I have been on pain meds for a month for a broken hip.. but I lost my prescription, If you could just give me the same stuff I had before.. I think it was oxo – oxy-um ya oxycotton!” RIIIGGHHTTT. 

So after all was said and done the Doc told me that I had all the signs of a "Mini-Stroke" or "TIA", Transient Ischemic Attack. I have to see a neurologist and get a bunch of other tests done now.  I AM 24 YEARS OLD!! THIS SHOULDN'T BE HAPPENING!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Ry Guy...

A lot has changed in my life in the past 3 years. But there has always been one thing that has never left and only gotten better.. you. 

You are my best friend in the world..There is no one I would rather do nothing, everything and anything with.. 

Ry and Ty...My Boys!

You make my heart smile...And I  love yah!


Your Lady in White

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Bestest

Today is my best friend Claudia's birthday! Pretty much like 90% of my favorite memories are with this girl! Here are just a few..

1.) New Years 2007.. When it all began ;)

2.) Sky Harbor Airport... straight from dirty pretty.. waiting for our flight to Aruba.. trying to get people to meet us at the airport to party... HAHAHA!!!!

3.) Landing in Aruba being attacked by the paparazzi! Mi Dushi! Missing our bus and having to walk across the island blitzed to get home

4.)  Landing in Ibiza and being stranded!! HA HA.. No Luggage.. No Taxis.. Raining... Only us.. LOL

5.)  Thirsty Thursdays in T-Town

6.) Our morning walk from the Valley Ho to the Mall in the rain to get our car keys!

7.)  Her first Louboutin ;)

8.)  The ONE time we didn't bring our A Game.. Pink Taco.. Never Again!

9.)  MySpace stalking... HAHAHA... Back when MySpace was cool of course.

10.) "Visualizing" at Tiffanys 

Love you my favorite girl!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Recommended Summer Reads

My roommate was asking me last night if I knew of any good books.. Do I?!?! I ran into my closet and pulled out all of my Emily Griffin books for her to borrow. During summer I love to read by the pool so if there are any of you who are like me I recommend these:

This is her newest book.. I haven't read it yet. I am going to go get this one tonight! I'll let you know how it is!

 These are my three FAVORITES:

My Best Friend Claudia got me hooked on this author. She is hilarious! Happy Reading.. Let me know what you think!!! 

Crazy Dream
I had the weirdest dream last night...I dreamt that I had this storybook romance with this guy. I was head over heals in love with him and we had the perfect relationship. Then, after a few months of bliss..we broke up because we were both moving away and weren't going to see each other anymore. Time rolled by and we both moved on. Then one day I saw him... In that moment all my feelings came rushing back. My stomach felt as if it had dropped to the floor. The adrenaline rush that came with his presence stopped time. From the second we spoke, everything seemed to be the same it was when we were together. We sat and had lunch and I fell in love all over again. Towards the end of lunch I looked down at his finger and noticed a wedding ring. He was absolutely perfect except for the dark gleaming cloud hanging above his left ring finer. How could this be???? He noticed me staring and told me he was married. He began talking about how happy they were when they first got married and how miserable he was now. "She doesn't ever try.. She doesn't understand me like you did.. etc etc..". HOPE.. I thought!!.. I can win him back! So I told him to call me, kissed him on the cheek and left him with a "wow, so good to see you".  

The dream progressed with a couple casual dinner/lunch meet ups, until I got a glimpse of her. His wife.. she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Dreams are weird and they aren't always logical. I was at dinner with him one moment then the next.. I was her!.. in their house.. with a toddler hanging on my leg, a baby in my arms, all while cooking dinner. (Go  Me! ha ha) Meanwhile.. unbeknown to me, my husband was at dinner with another woman. I felt tired, unappreciated and unattractive. But strangely, the feeling I felt most was the excitement and anticipation of my husbands arrival. I couldn't wait for him to see the dinner I prepared, and the new outfit I had bought just for him. And most of all, I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and tell him how much I loved him. 

Then in a dream catapult.. I became the now -Slut, home wrecker, bitch- out to dinner with another woman's husband. I looked at him and said a bunch of truly insightful things about life, love, happiness and marriage and sent him home a changed man. Prepared to appreciate his wife and fix their marriage... 'Dream Misty' is like a hot Dr.Phil ;)

What a strange dream right? I was a home wrecker, home fixer, and domesticated diva all in one nights sleep! No wonder It's so hard for me to wake up in the mornings... I do all kinds of shit in my sleep!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I spent the afternoon reading Shoppoholic by the pool yesterday and it solidified the fact that I have a problem. No matter how much money I make, I spend more. Retail is my number one therapy. I am very easily distracted, and if my entire world is falling apart, a new pair of shoes will completely take my mind off all the bad stuff. A new dress can literally occupy my mind for an entire day. A few years ago I combined my two vices and drunk shopped. I had just broken up with a boyfriend, and I was upset. I did a big no-no and drank at a mall restaurant, then once I was nice and lit, I decided to go shopping. I woke up the next day to a hangover, a $1,200 leather jacket, and a $300 long sleeved shirt. Seeing as how, I live in Arizona, ... not my soundest purchase. Every month I set myself down and decide to turnover a new leaf. It seems that the months when I actually do draw back the shopping, it is always SOMETHING that comes up to buy. 

Example,.. this month, I had to buy a new key for my car ($400). Last month, my car got towed ($300). The month before that was Fathers Day, Birthdays... It is always something. I make enough money to support myself and then some but somehow... I am always struggling. Each month I review my bank statements to see where my money is going and each month, I think that I have been a victim of identity theft. "My statement says I went to Jack n the Box.. AHA! I hate that place.. No way this was me.. How could I have spent $50 at American Junkie?? I am too pretty to pay for drinks! ..." Then I sadly recall the round of shots I purchased, .. and the late night drive through's and realize.. No one stole my card... It was me being frivolous yet again.. Well here me now.. I am turning over a new leaf! Starting tomorrow... Call me Penny Pincher Misty cuz I'm gunna save the crap out of my money! ;)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I had the most amazing fourth of July I could ever ask for! We went to San Diego and tore it up! Spent the days partying on the beach and the nights at the sickest clubs I've ever been to. I feel so lucky that I get to experience such amazing trips with the boy I love, and the most amazing friends! The highlight of my weekend was when we went to Fluxx. We got to the club and there were hundreds of people outside.. I mean people with tables were being told to wait for 1-2 hours! Our friendTroy has us escorted in by the DJ.. and we spent the entire night partying IN THE DJ BOOTH! I have decided my calling in life is to become a DJ so bye bye Apollo.. hello turn tables!! :)