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Thursday, July 22, 2010

You know you're in Scottsdale when...
The Girls:
Have Fake Boobs, Blond Hair, Short Dresses, Big Lips, No Personality, Weigh 100 lbs, and smell of warm vanilla. 
The Guys:
Are dressed in an Affliction T and True Religion jeans. Roided out with a slight twitch from the long term effects of cocaine. Make $35K a year as a banker/model/sales associate with a leased BMW.

1.) You spend 90% of your life on Scottsdale Rd. 
2.) You receive more text messages from "Brian Durkee" than you do your closest friends/family.
3.) You have been on thedirty.com
4.) Your weekly schedule consists of:
Monday Zuma, Tuesday Dirty Pretty, Wednesday Junkie, Thursday Jack Rabbit, Friday Revolver, Saturday and Sunday the W Pool.
5.) Your morning web browsing consists of EBYBK.com, Clubparties.com and 944.com to see the pictures you took last night
6.) You know you have "Made it" after your first debut in 944 magazine
7.) You know Chad Landau
8.) You tan at Darque Tan
9.) You work out at LA Fitness, McKellips
10.) You shop at fashion square
11.) You have lived at the Palladium, San Marin or Villagio
12.) You only go to bars where you have the hookup
13.) You are still waiting on "Samurai Cowboy's" grand opening 
14.) You have woken up at least once in Vegas
15.) You tell all your friends once a month you are "over this town"


CMae said...

I must have a lot to learn I didn't really know of half the things you mentioned other than spending a lot of driving time on Scottsdale Rd. :) But that's all fun to me since I haven't lived by a mall in the last 5 years! :)

I go to Gold's Gym... is LA Where it's at or just OVERRATED? :) I don't think I've weighed 100 pounds since the 8th grade LOL

Misty Michelle said...

@CMae No That LA Fitness is a meat market! This is the "Scottsdale Scene" Not one to get entrenched in.. but nonetheless hilarious!!

Hope your having a good day Hun!!


Rachel said...

Too funny - you capture the Scottsdale Scene perfectly


Tiffany said...

Now I know whats in Scottsdale lol

Ams said...

That's hilarious -- S wants to buy a house in and around that area but now I am not sure ;)

Misty Michelle said...

@Ams.. Its a fun town thats for sure! ;)

CMae said...

Thanks Misty :) I'm having a pretty good day, but much like you, I am on restriction of shopping till I start teaching again and get paid :) So this means lots of stay at home and browse the web time till Aug 2nd! I did notice at my gym some ridiculous women who work out wearing JEWELRY...ie watches, tiffanys bracelet necklace and their hair down...WTF is that about? oh right...they were working their MOUTHS of verbal chatter not their muscles! muwhaha..

theTsaritsa said...

*reminds self to not go to Scottsdale where I'll stick out like a sore thumb*

Did you grow up there? I felt the same way about Philly til I left-- now I have so much nostalgia for it.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I'm your newest follower!!

Misty Michelle said...

I actually grew up in Southern California! I must admit that I love Scottsdale though =)

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