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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I spent the afternoon reading Shoppoholic by the pool yesterday and it solidified the fact that I have a problem. No matter how much money I make, I spend more. Retail is my number one therapy. I am very easily distracted, and if my entire world is falling apart, a new pair of shoes will completely take my mind off all the bad stuff. A new dress can literally occupy my mind for an entire day. A few years ago I combined my two vices and drunk shopped. I had just broken up with a boyfriend, and I was upset. I did a big no-no and drank at a mall restaurant, then once I was nice and lit, I decided to go shopping. I woke up the next day to a hangover, a $1,200 leather jacket, and a $300 long sleeved shirt. Seeing as how, I live in Arizona, ... not my soundest purchase. Every month I set myself down and decide to turnover a new leaf. It seems that the months when I actually do draw back the shopping, it is always SOMETHING that comes up to buy. 

Example,.. this month, I had to buy a new key for my car ($400). Last month, my car got towed ($300). The month before that was Fathers Day, Birthdays... It is always something. I make enough money to support myself and then some but somehow... I am always struggling. Each month I review my bank statements to see where my money is going and each month, I think that I have been a victim of identity theft. "My statement says I went to Jack n the Box.. AHA! I hate that place.. No way this was me.. How could I have spent $50 at American Junkie?? I am too pretty to pay for drinks! ..." Then I sadly recall the round of shots I purchased, .. and the late night drive through's and realize.. No one stole my card... It was me being frivolous yet again.. Well here me now.. I am turning over a new leaf! Starting tomorrow... Call me Penny Pincher Misty cuz I'm gunna save the crap out of my money! ;)


Ms. Emily Ann said...

I have definitely had one too many margaritas at Z-Tejas and then made the mistake of walking into Nordstrom - I swear they put that restaraunt in Fashion Square on purpose!! Good luck on your new penny pinching venture :)

Misty Michelle said...

HA HA!! That is soo funny you say that because it was Ztejas! Those darn chambord margaritas get me every time!!

CMae said...

I hear ya on the spending bit! :) I just dropped 300 dollars and bed bath and beyond and I literally was like WTF did I buy? haha Penny pinching=not fun but that's what boyfriends are for right? :) :)

Misty Michelle said...

@CMae.. HA HA! I think we were just meant to be rich.. this whole saving thing is for the birds! ;)

Rasha said...

Ugh! I spend too much too!

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