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Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Bestest

Today is my best friend Claudia's birthday! Pretty much like 90% of my favorite memories are with this girl! Here are just a few..

1.) New Years 2007.. When it all began ;)

2.) Sky Harbor Airport... straight from dirty pretty.. waiting for our flight to Aruba.. trying to get people to meet us at the airport to party... HAHAHA!!!!

3.) Landing in Aruba being attacked by the paparazzi! Mi Dushi! Missing our bus and having to walk across the island blitzed to get home

4.)  Landing in Ibiza and being stranded!! HA HA.. No Luggage.. No Taxis.. Raining... Only us.. LOL

5.)  Thirsty Thursdays in T-Town

6.) Our morning walk from the Valley Ho to the Mall in the rain to get our car keys!

7.)  Her first Louboutin ;)

8.)  The ONE time we didn't bring our A Game.. Pink Taco.. Never Again!

9.)  MySpace stalking... HAHAHA... Back when MySpace was cool of course.

10.) "Visualizing" at Tiffanys 

Love you my favorite girl!!!


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Love you in blue, looks so rock star like!

Misty Michelle said...

Thanks sweetie!! ;)

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