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Friday, July 9, 2010

Crazy Dream
I had the weirdest dream last night...I dreamt that I had this storybook romance with this guy. I was head over heals in love with him and we had the perfect relationship. Then, after a few months of bliss..we broke up because we were both moving away and weren't going to see each other anymore. Time rolled by and we both moved on. Then one day I saw him... In that moment all my feelings came rushing back. My stomach felt as if it had dropped to the floor. The adrenaline rush that came with his presence stopped time. From the second we spoke, everything seemed to be the same it was when we were together. We sat and had lunch and I fell in love all over again. Towards the end of lunch I looked down at his finger and noticed a wedding ring. He was absolutely perfect except for the dark gleaming cloud hanging above his left ring finer. How could this be???? He noticed me staring and told me he was married. He began talking about how happy they were when they first got married and how miserable he was now. "She doesn't ever try.. She doesn't understand me like you did.. etc etc..". HOPE.. I thought!!.. I can win him back! So I told him to call me, kissed him on the cheek and left him with a "wow, so good to see you".  

The dream progressed with a couple casual dinner/lunch meet ups, until I got a glimpse of her. His wife.. she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Dreams are weird and they aren't always logical. I was at dinner with him one moment then the next.. I was her!.. in their house.. with a toddler hanging on my leg, a baby in my arms, all while cooking dinner. (Go  Me! ha ha) Meanwhile.. unbeknown to me, my husband was at dinner with another woman. I felt tired, unappreciated and unattractive. But strangely, the feeling I felt most was the excitement and anticipation of my husbands arrival. I couldn't wait for him to see the dinner I prepared, and the new outfit I had bought just for him. And most of all, I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and tell him how much I loved him. 

Then in a dream catapult.. I became the now -Slut, home wrecker, bitch- out to dinner with another woman's husband. I looked at him and said a bunch of truly insightful things about life, love, happiness and marriage and sent him home a changed man. Prepared to appreciate his wife and fix their marriage... 'Dream Misty' is like a hot Dr.Phil ;)

What a strange dream right? I was a home wrecker, home fixer, and domesticated diva all in one nights sleep! No wonder It's so hard for me to wake up in the mornings... I do all kinds of shit in my sleep!


The Boob Nazi said...

That is a crazy dream!

The Boob Nazi said...

What a crazy dream! (I don't know if my comment published or not.)

The Boob Nazi said...


Misty Michelle said...

I've been reading Emily Griffin books lately! I blame "Love the One Your with" and "Something Borrowed"

Ams said...

Haha that dream is effed!! hahaha...

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