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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Metaphor for Life...
So this weekend I moved into a new condo (which I adore by the way). Per usual, I procrastinated my packing until the morning the movers were scheduled to arrive. They planned to come at 11am, and I woke up at 7am (after going out the night before) and packed up my entire apartment. First of all, kudos to me for that. So.. the movers arrive and it is 110 degrees outside. It cost me a flat rate for 2 hours, then was a VERY expensive rate for every 15 minutes they went over. Being the thrifty new me... I helped them bring stuff out to the truck and kept a very tight watch on the clock. They packed up my apartment in 1 hour and we made our way to the new condo. Unfortunately it took TWO HOURS to unload and cost me a pretty penny. I was drenched in sweat (my AC was not yet turned on) and I decided to just tackle what was most important ... MY CLOSET! I color coordinated and organized my new (smaller) closet vowing to put effort into getting rid of stuff and starting fresh and organized. After an accomplished day of closet organization, I got ready to go to Ryan's house. On my way out of the condo I hear a huge BANG. All my shelves and racks collapsed, and my closet was in shambles. The reason I am telling this story is today.. I was on a conference call with my new boss. I was chatting with her about my move and told her about my closet. She laughed and said "That could be a metaphor for life...You pay so much attention to detail in one (potentially insignificant) area of your life.. and it will all come crashing down on you.. Kind of like.. you stressing so much about work and -in the form of your stroke- it all comes crashing down on you". I love this woman already! So tonight, I am going to focus on much more important things like... a bottle of vino and Jersey Shore reruns ;)


la petite coquine said...

Your boss sounds amazing, and of course, she's absolutely right! Congratulations on finding such a wonderful mentor and on the big move!

Misty Michelle said...

Thank you honey!!! :)

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