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Friday, March 5, 2010

My Alabaster Story

My Favorite Bible Story...

Once Jesus was dining in the house of Simon, a Pharisee, when a woman “known in the city to be a sinner” approached him. Again, no words were spoken, but there was plenty to observe. “She brought an alabaster case of perfumed oil, and, taking a position behind at [Jesus’] feet, she wept and started to wet his feet with her tears and she would wipe them off with the hair of her head. Also, she tenderly kissed his feet and greased them with the perfumed oil.” Jesus recognized what all of this meant. And even though Simon did not say anything, Jesus was able to discern that he was saying within himself: “This man, if he were a prophet, would know who and what kind of woman it is that is touching him, that she is a sinner.”( Luke 7:36-48)

To me, this is the most powerful story in the bible. This story demonstrates, in my opinion, the church versus who God is. The Church, sees the woman in this story as a sinner, and is appalled that Jesus is allowing her to even touch him. When in actuality this woman spent all of her money to buy expensive perfume just to clean the feet of Jesus! Her sacrifice and emotion is so real, and raw in this story. The past few years, I have had what Christians refer to as a "Crisis of Faith". I on the other hand, disagree. I liken "becoming a christian" to a new couple. In the beginning, it is all butterfly's and excitement. You believe everything that person says because, you are in complete awe with them and you want to trust them. As you get to know that person better, you find out what they really stand for, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

When I first became a christian, I shouted the gospel from rooftops, to anyone who would listen. I trusted my church and pastor with my life, and believed everything that they ever said. I believed that I knew everything because I had "Divine Knowledge" of God. I was right, and everyone else in the world was wrong. The people who studied religion for their whole lives knew less than me because, they did not believe that Christianity was the way to heaven. I honestly was afraid for every ones salvation. It was MY duty to save everyone I knew from hell. I once had a dream that I was sitting in the bleachers with everyone I had ever known, and somehow I knew the world was ending in 1 hour. I ran from person to person in the bleachers trying to tell them all about God, and how he died for them, and if they just say the sinners prayer, they could go to heaven with me. This dream molded the way I lived out my Christianity. While my intentions were pure, I think you can agree misguided.

I experienced real moments of Ecstasy in worship and prayer, but was always quick to find a label for my emotions and explain it by way of evangelism. I do not discount the moments in my life where I have truly felt gods hand, or experienced something greater than myself. However, My relationship with God, has matured over time.
I have learned the flaws of the church, their people, and where to put my trust. And most of all, I have learned, how little I really know about God, Life and Religion in general. My ignorance and close mindedness imbarisses me to this day. As I continue on my lifelong journey of knowledge and experiances, I hope that I always keep an open mind, and an accepting heart.
And like the woman in this story, I hope that as the world struggles to "Define" my religion and relationship with God, I care only what HE thinks.


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