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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wild Cat for a day

I went to Tuscon yesterday for College Game Day! My roommate went to school there so I went to tailgate with her and get out of Scottsdale for the day. I was roaming around the different tailgates making friends when I recognized this girl!!! She was my best friend that I lost touch with when I was fourteen!! She is in the pic to the left! I am so happy I ran into her! She is gorgeous as ever and is now a teacher! Then, as it turns out her boyfriend was friends with my friend Eric that I drove out with. Phoenix/Tuscon is one of the smallest big city's in the world. Eric and I brought our own mini bar of vodka bottles, and spent most of the day trying to round up Cups, Ice and Mixers!! We eventually met up with my roomie and continued the drunken debauchery! I have spent this entire weekend outside of old town Scottsdale and LOVED IT! I took a pic with the mascot Wilma.. ha ha. I was made an honorary wild cat for the day. The original plan was to tailgate all day in Tuscon, then head home to go out. As I could have assumed, I tailgated all day.. then came home and passed out by 9:00.. ha ha. What is normally Sunday Funday at the bars is, me sitting on the couch trying to get motivated to do all my math homework (and since I am blogging, you can estimate my success). I have not done math since high school.. and It is just as confusing as I remembered. Two movies, and a blog post later.. Maybe it's time to crack down! :)


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