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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Story Time...

2 Summers ago... Me and my best friend Claudia were sitting by the pool deciding where we should vacation next. We had just done Aruba, Vegas, & LA and felt it was time for our next adventure. We randomly decided on Ibiza, Spain which I knew VERY little about. We booked the hotel and flights that day and put up our My Space countdowns! I told my boyfriend at the time that we were going and he told me about a million story's about Ibiza. He had been a few times and raved about it. He told me that the sangria there was the best in the world, and that all day there was music playing from the greatest DJ's in the world.. The clubs were more elaborate than anything I could imagine.. and that they partied until noon the next day! The story's went on and on and on... not to mention everyone who we told about our upcoming trip had instant Vacation envy. I'm not gunna lie.. we felt pretty bad ass! Fast forward to vacation Day!!! We partied all night then staggered to the airport hungover and ready to sleep for our 11 hour flight to London. We landed in Heathrow.. took a train to Gatwick.. Flew to Barcelona.. then Ibiza (PHEW!) FINALLY.. we land in Ibiza and I cannot even put into words how excited we were. We went to get our luggage .. Claudia's first bag came.. then her second.. then her third.. and No Misty bags! (FML) I had to file a claim to get my bags back, and I was so angry. I couldn't help but resent the fact that all 3 of Claud's bags made it and none of mine.. ha ha. Begrudgingly, we went to hail a taxi and go settle into our hotel. As we went outside we found out that all the taxi's in Ibiza were on strike. There was ONE bus still running however, it only took us half way into town. We hopped on that bus hoping that we could figure something out. The bus dropped us off in the middle of no where.. in completely deserted streets. We rolled the luggage we had over cobble stone streets from 12-1am completely lost, and then as if one more slap from the big guy, it started raining. Now.. I had lost it! I found a police station and went in to beg for a ride and shelter. When the officer looked at me he said in his accent "Americans eh?" and laughed. Yah officer.. ha ha.. really funny.. Ive been walking in boots and a dress in the rain for an hour.. laugh it up! The officers drove us to the end of their jurisdiction line and said we had to walk 1 more mile to the hospital because that's the only place taxi's would pick up. Blah Blah Blah.. Finally make it to the hospital, get a cab, pay about 100 euros to get to our hotel and the place is locked! Claudia and I, had left over travel snacks for dinner (Frito's, bean dip, gushers, and Chips), and passed out on the hotels door way until the morning..
The rough arrival was followed by one of the most memorable, fun trips I had ever been on! My luggage arrived the next night, and we wasted no time hitting the streets. I honestly think my favorite part about Ibiza was the shopping, and LOONNGG lunches. We would go to lunch at some cute cafe, and within an hour we would have 10 new friends at our table... Lunches lasted a minimum of 4 hours, and was always concluded with a coffee spiked with booze! Claudia and I, accidently booked the trip off season (Doh).. so we didnt really get the full experiance of the party scene but If what we saw was only half of it.. I dont think I could handle on season.. Ok, ya i could :) A second trip to Ibiza is on the To Do List!


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