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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Bees Knees!!
This trip was filled with moments of pain, perfection, lots of laughs and pure relaxation. We flew in the middle of the night so obviously slept the whole way there. Has anyone ever been flying and been unable to pop their ears? - WOW, hello worst pain in the world. This happened to me and I had an echo in my head, and an indescribable pain in my ear for 2 days after we landed. We arrived in Punta Cana, being serenaded by a mariachi band, and swarmed by people trying to carry our bags, or give us a ride for money. It was a bit overwhelming clutching our belongings making our way through the crowd until we found our driver. The ride to the hotel was crazy. The poverty in DR was unreal. When we checked into our hotel, our room was a tad bit disappointing. I was deaf in one ear, exhausted, and trying to be chipper but secretly wanting to cry from the pain. I hopped into the shower which flooded the entire bathroom, and noticed that one of the lights in the ceiling was leaking.  -Light, leaking,.. can't be good. Fortunately for me, that was what prompted Ryan to upgrade us to the honeymoon suite. This room was amazing. We had a Jacuzzi, 2 balcony's, living room, dining room, 2 bathrooms, and we were ON the beach. Once we put our bags down in our new room... we had arrived! Pure Bliss!

We woke up each morning and had breakfast on the beach, then found a spot to lay out for the afternoon. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort so we basically drank and ate the ENTIRE day. Here are some fun beach pics:

I thought I was pretty amazing at Sand Art until Ryan put me to shame with this...


The nights where Ryan coaxed me into tequila shots with dinner.. we ended up at the Disco Tech all night. One night we were pretty much the only people there begging the DJ to play Lil Wayne, dancing like fools.

I am like a fat kid trapped in a skinny girls body so food is important to me. The first couple days the food was making me sick, and I was starting to think the only way to feel better was to not eat. Then we found Portafino! This is the Italian restaurant, and it was so yummy. We ate here almost every single night.

And finally, our trip back home was long but we were both kind of anxious to get back to friends/work/reality. I would definitely recommend Punta Cana as a travel destination. I can't believe that Ryan and I spent 8 days together... and I mean completely together- No phones, just "US" time- and didn't get sick of each other. I even stayed at my own place last night and missed him!! I am a lucky girl, and feel so refreshed after this vacation.

Stephanie was also in Punta Cana.. and you gotta read about her near death experience!! Happy Thursday Everyone!! XO :-)


CMae said...

Looks like you got some color! :) welcome back girlie!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like it was an AMAZING time!!! Welcome back!

Stephanie said...

Awww I love the pics! (I had a similiar one to the coconuts pic! LOL!) You guys look so happy and relaxed. But, please feel better soon!



Jill said...

It looks like u guys had a blast! I need a vacation.
I'd love to go somewhere with food and drinks included for free, food is very important to me toO! haha :) I love your outfits p.s. you have great style.~Jill

Islandia Lane said...

awww you guys are adorable! looks like such a fun, great, memorable trip!

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