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Monday, October 25, 2010

Boats and Hoes & Pumpkin Patch FAIL
Ryan was a very lucky man and got to take a bunch of hotties out on the boat Saturday... Meet the hotties... :) My sisters Taneur, Emily, Me and my Momma!!
On the way home from the lake, we saw a pumpkin patch and decided that we HAD to spend the day there Sunday. So.. Sunday morning, we went to breakfast then headed on the LONG journey to the far away pumpkin patch (~20 miles). As we got in the turning lane to drive into the patch, I could see Ryan's stress level rise realizing he had to drive his black newly washed car down a dirt road. We VERRRYYY slowly drive into the lot and parked. Once we got out of the car.. we see a line to get in. A line?! Really? So we put on our smiles -as to not admit that this was a bad idea- and hop into the line. As we stand in the hot sun surrounded by what seemed to be a thousand parent less children, we began to wonder what we were gunna do in this pumpkin patch. As we progressed in this line we spotted a sign..
$7.00 Admission.. free hay ride and pony ride with entry. Well A.) I am not riding on hay if you paid me and B.) Dont they sell pumpkins at the grocery store?! So still about 15 people away from the entry point we decided to ditch this idea and go buy our pumpkins elsewhere.
On the way out we took a photo so we could pretend it was a successful trip. It was always about the photo ops anyways....


JMO said...

Haha! I love that you took a photo even though it was a fail trip. I wouldn't have paid that either!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

How fun to go out on the lake with your fam and your guy! And what a cute pic, no one would ever know you didn't make it all the way in... a line and $7 admission? Ridiculous! I woulda done the same thing!

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